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Portable UV Lamp Sterilizer
Portable UV Lamp Sterilizer
UV Lamp Sterilizer
Portable UV Lamp Sterilizer
UVC Light: 16 Units
UVC Light: 16 Units
UV Lamp Sterilizer
UV Lamp Sterilizer

Nex Portable UV Lamp Sterilizer - Model NxU2

Nex of America LLC
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Portable UV Lamp Sterilizer.

Easy to operate, just hold the sterilizer lamp facing downward and move the sterilizer slowly across the target surface for about 10 to 15 sec. Avoid visual and skin contact.

The easiest and cleanest way to sterilize!

✓ No more chemicals, sprays, alcohol, or any other residual agent.

✓ Safe to use on fruits, cans, food, meals or any kind of edible.

✓ Easy to carry, allow you to stay safe in previous visited by someone else places.

✓ Feel safe when visiting public areas, restrooms or just opening a door.

✓ Go back to work and sterilize all over the place.




Technical Information:

❑ Battery: 2000 mAh (Lithium-Ion)

❑ Voltage: DC 5V/2.0A

❑ Type-c Quick Charging

❑ Watt: 8W

❑ UVC Light: 16 Units

❑ UVC Wavelength: 265 - 275nm

❑ Working Time: 60 Minutes

❑ Charging Time: 2-4 Hours

❑ Size: 350 x 42mm

❑ Weight: 185g

❑ Package Size: 393 x 58 x 40mm

❑ Certifications:

❑ Impacts Resistant Body: PLA