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300W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light, A Series, 120° - AC100-277V - 5000K, Non-Dimmable - 42000 LM

300W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light, A Series, 120° - AC100-277V - 5000K, Non-Dimmable - 42000 LM

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LED Explosion-Proof Flood Light - 300W, A Series, AC100-277V, 5000K, Non-Dimmable - 42000 LM

Introducing our high-performance LED Explosion-Proof Flood Light, designed to provide exceptional lighting in hazardous environments. With a powerful wattage of 300W and a wide beam angle of 120 degrees, this flood light offers extensive coverage and uniform illumination. It operates on a versatile voltage range of AC100-277V, ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems.

Featuring a color temperature of 5000K, our LED flood light emits a bright and crisp white light, enhancing visibility and creating a safe working environment. With its non-dimmable design, it delivers consistent and reliable lighting performance, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency in potentially explosive areas.

With an impressive lumen output of 42,000 LM, this explosion-proof flood light provides brilliant brightness, illuminating even the largest spaces and reducing shadows. It is specifically engineered to withstand harsh conditions and meet stringent safety standards, making it ideal for industrial facilities, oil refineries, chemical plants, and other hazardous locations.

Our LED Explosion-Proof Flood Light prioritizes both safety and energy efficiency. By utilizing advanced LED technology, it delivers exceptional illumination while consuming less power compared to traditional lighting solutions. This not only reduces electricity costs but also minimizes the environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice.

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Product Specifications

Product: LED Explosion-Proof Flood Light

Power: 300W Beam

Angle: 120°

Voltage: AC100-277V

Color Temperature: 5000K

Dimmable: Non-Dimmable Luminous

Flux: 42,000 Lumens