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Acrytop Water Repellent Sealer
Acrytop Water Repellent Sealer 5 galon
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Acrytop Water Repellent Sealer 5 galon

Acrytop concrete & paver sealer 100% clear

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Acrytop Concrete Coating Clear is a 100% Acrylic solvent base, water repellent, non yellowing, and resistant to oil, grease, abrasion, and most household chemicals. It’s one possessing the highest quality for exterior or interior concrete finish surfaces.


Types Of Surfaces

You can apply it on many surfaces:

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Pavers
  • Masonry
  • Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate


  • None Yellowing
  • Water repellent
  • Made in USA
  • Fast Drying

ACRYTOP is a clear emulsion that provides a highly durable wet look finish. The 100% acrylic resin is non-yellowing.

It provides the highest quality protection for exterior or interior surfaces, such as: concrete, stone, metal, wood, masonry, pavers, bricks, etc.


All surfaces, whether painted or unpainted, must be CLEAN, SOUND AND DRY before applying this product. All dirt, grease, wax, mildew, loose or peeling paint and other contaminant, must be removed. Clean surface by brush, dry compressed air, sandblasting or other effective means, prior to applying Acrytop sealer. Test a small area for (compatibility) and to assure that a continuous film can be formed. Water repelling with this product is dependent upon forming a continuous film over the surface. Apply two coats for better results.


250 to 450 sq. Ft. per gallon, depending on the method of application, and porosity of substrate. For optimum results, two coats are suggested.


Use at package consistency. Acrytop is as ready as it comes from the can. If thinning is desired add no more than one pint of xylol per gallon. Mix thoroughly by stirring, use a flat paddle, turning paint with a lifting motion until smooth in consistency and uniform in color.


Apply with lambskin roller, natural bristle brush or spray equipment. (Set spray at lowest possible pressure for better results.) Paint only when temperature is above 55F. Avoid painting late in the day or when rain is eminent.


Do not thin. Apply at package consistency normal stirring may be necessary. If thinning is desired add no more than one pint ofxylol per gallon.


Set to touch 15 – 30 minutes: Re-coat 45 – 60 minutes. Heavy traffic: 24 hours. Weather conditions, such as temperature, sunshine, wind, may also alter drying times.