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Handy Hanger Tool Tray

Handy Hanger Tool Tray

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Keep Your Tools Handy in a Safe and Practical Way

For the Professional Contractor, Handyman, or for Convenient Home Use.

Handy Hanger is the ultimate ladder accessory for the professional contractor, handyman,
or for personal use in all homes. Handy hanger was created by tradesmen out of necessity and logic.
Years of going up and down ladders to retrieve necessary tools and get needed parts, fasteners, supplies, tools, and accessories led to the development of a convenient and more efficient way
to have all tools and supplies handy to get the job done quickly and safely!

The Perfect Tool Tray for Your Ladder

Handy Hanger is a practical accessory that is designed to be attached to any folding ladder, providing access for tools and other supplies while on top of a ladder.
Handy Hanger comprises of a strong folding lightweight metal frame that is designed
to be easily attached to any ladder. It is both durable and easy to install. A sturdy heavy duty plastic tray sits within the metal frame. The tray can be used with or without compartmental partitions as preferred. The assembly can hold up to 60 lbs. of tools and supplies.

 Enables the user to keep tools and supplies within easy reach at all times. Promotes greater speed, efficiency, and safety when performing any type of work where a ladder is required.
No need to go up and down the ladder for supplies.


 Handy Hanger has universal practical applications. It is easy to install on any folding ladder,
and enables use of the “
dead space” that usually exists between the ladder and the wall.


 Helps Reduce the accident risk associated with going up and down a ladder while carrying tools, supplies and parts. Bucket tray also eliminates the risk of property damage and injury from falling parts and tools.


 Trays can remain mounted when the ladder is not in use; or the tray can be removed and stored,
and the ladder folded until needed again.


 Handy Hanger has additional accessories such as hanging bag attachments designed to hold additional supplies, or to use for discarded parts, or trash, when up on a ladder, thus maximizing user efficiency.