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Last Resort Cleaning Solution

Last Resort Cleaning Solution

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Last Resort Cleaning Solution (LR) is formulated to breakdown dried ink and purge through clogs in compatible printheads. It can help recover printheads that would otherwise need replacing.

Compatible With

All American: Neoflex
Anajet: FP-125, Sprint, Mpower (mp5, Mp5i, Mp10)
Belquette: Flexi Jet, MOD1
DTG Brand: Kiosk, Kiosk 2, Kiosk 3, HM1, M2, M4, Viper
Fast T-Jet: TJet (SDT-1000), TJet 2 (SDT-1200), TJet 3 (SDT-1300), Blazer Pro, TJet Jumbo
Free Jet: 330 TX, 500 TX, 700 TX Lawson: Diamond Jet
M&R Digital: i-Dot 2100, i-Dot 4200, M-Link OV1
Melco: FP-125, MelcoJet 2010, Melco G2,  Melco G3
MS Brand: MS-Zero, MS-One, MS-Two
PolyPrint SA: TexJet, SuperJet
Resolute DTG: RJet- Is, RJet – R4, RJet – R5
Sawgrass: Advantage
Veloci-Jet: Veloci-Jet
MISC: Easy Y, Spectra 3000, Epson 4880/4800

The Last Resort Solution is neither produced nor endorsed by the above listed companies. User assumes liability in using this product. The above listed companies are registered trademarks of the respective companies.


Apply LR Solution directly to the printhead surface with a foam swab or lint-free wipe. For more aggressive clogs, soak the printhead surface in LR Solution overnight. Purging the printhead with a syringe is a final measure to clear the printhead of dried ink.

It is not recommended to run Last Resort Solution through the printer lines and dampers. For daily maintenance, FIREBIRD Cleaning Solution is effective and economical.