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Richard's #7-11 HolzTITE Acrylic Enamel Undercoat

Richard's #7-11 HolzTITE Acrylic Enamel Undercoat

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Richard’s HOLZTITE Acrylic Enamel Undercoat is a premium quality interior primer and primer/finish designed to flow, level and easily sand to a smooth surface to make finish coats look their best. This multi-purpose primer can be used on a wide variety of interior surfaces, such as cabinets, trim, railings, doors and walls. May be used as a primer/finish on ceilings, closets, storage rooms and garage walls. This acrylic enamel undercoat provides excellent adhesion, hiding, coverage and sanding properties. May be topcoated with virtually any architectural finish. FOR INTERIOR USE ONLY!


      • Premium Acrylic Formula
      • Excellent Coverage
      • Great Sanding Properties
      • Excellent Adhesion
      • Primes & Seals
      • Primer / Finish
      • Product Versatility
      • Applies Easily