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Simile Wood
Simile Wood
Simile Wood
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Simile Wood

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High-end paint that imitates natural wood, with a slightly textured satin grain finish. It is made up of two products in one: Multiadherent Base and Veteador, both water-based

The surface to be turned into wood must be dry, clean, free of dust and grease. Sand and degrease.
First step: apply a first coat of Venier Multi-Adherent Base on the material to be converted into wood, be it aluminium, iron, galvanized, wood, plastic, fiber-easy, tiles, ceramics, fiber cement.
In the case of metals, it is not necessary to pre-treat with anti-rust, since the Base paint has corrosion inhibitors in its formulation. Let dry for (4 to 6) hours depending on the weather and apply the second coat of Multiadherent Base.
Second step: once the Base is dry, paint with Veteador Venier.
Slide the brush in one direction with long, parallel strokes from the beginning to the end of the surface. Stretch the Veteador well and remove its excess.
Apply the second coat of veiner, leaving it to dry for 1 hour so that the dispersants that form the veining and create the relief act.
If you want to achieve deeper tones or a finish with higher gloss and more vein relief, apply one or two more coats of Veiner.
Once Simil Wood Venier® is dry, it can be applied over varnishes, lacquers, polyurethanes for floors, etc.

• The product lacks resistance to traffic, therefore, when applied to floors, it must be covered with Polyurethane Plasticizer for Venier floors. Do not apply on glazed ceramics or highly polished surfaces.
• Remove objects that hinder the path of the brush stroke, locks, handles, etc.
• Use masking tape at cross veins (angles) to avoid overlapping Venier Venier.
• The Veiner must be applied immediately once the second coat of the Venier Multi-Adherent Base is dry, since dust or dirt affects the finish and virtue of the Venier.
• Do not cross your hands in different directions or leave excess Veteador.

Multiadherent Base: 8 to 12 hours from its application depending on weather conditions.
Vetter: 1 to 2 hours.

3/4L - 4MT²
1.5L - 8MT²
3.9L - 18MT²