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Lighthouse Kover Krack® Elastomeric Patching Compound, Brush Grade Smooth

Lighthouse Kover Krack® Elastomeric Patching Compound, Brush Grade Smooth

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Product Description: LIGHTHOUSE KOVER KRACK BRUSH GRADE ELASTOMERIC PATCHING COMPOUND is a high solids, water based, modified acrylic copolymer elastomeric patching compound which can be used for easy brush application over hairline cracks in masonry and stucco surfaces.

Basic Uses Uses: LIGHTHOUSE KOVER KRACK BRUSH GRADE ELASTOMERIC PATCHING COMPOUND can be used to provide a “positive patch” over non-structural hairline cracks in masonry. Can also be used to seal joints in siding, cracks in walls, mobile home roof seams, windows, doors, flashing, and gutters.

Limitations o Do not use for structural repairs. o Do not use below grade or under water. o Application should be made when temperature of air and surface is 50°F. (10°C.) or above for a 24 hour period. o If rain or threatening weather is expected within 8 hours, delay application until dry conditions exist. o Allow new concrete to cure for 30 days before applying. After 30 days, test for alkali presence. o Do not apply if pH is above 10. o Do not apply if relative humidity is above 90%. o Do not freeze.

Surface Preparation :All surfaces must be firm and free of dirt, oil, grease, efflorescence, mildew and loose material. Unsound masonry must be wire brushed or blasted for a firm surface. Dirt, loose contaminates and chalk are best removed by high pressure chemical and water blasting. Any chalk or porous coating not removed by pressure washing must first be sealed with an alkali resistant surface conditioner, such as VIP1200 Surface Conditioner. Prior to applying VIP1200, allow stucco and concrete block mortar to cure 3 days. Poured in-place precast concrete should be allowed to cure 7 days. To remove mildew, scrub with a solution of 3 heaping teaspoonful of Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), 1 quart of Hypochlorite Household bleach and 3 quarts of warm water (wear protective goggles and impervious gloves. Follow manufacturer's directions when working with cleaning solutions). Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

Method of Application: Hairline cracks (less than 1/64” wide) do not have to be cut out, providing the surface is sound. Simply bridge the crack(s) by applying KOVER KRACK BRUSH GRADE ELASTOMERIC PATCHING COMPOUND over the center of the crack at a wet film thickness of 1/16”. Then with either a broad knife or a brush, “feather” the material to either side of the crack, going from 1/16”at the crack down to zero over a 2” area. This gradual reduction in thickness helps conceal the patch and allows the elongational characteristics of the patching compound to work effectively.

Note: if surface is chalking, apply an alkali resistant surface conditioner before applying material. Dry Time: At 70° F (21° C), 50% RH (relative humidity), applied at 20 mils wet film thickness: To touch: 1-2 hours.

To topcoat: Allow to dry 24 hours before applying finish.

Clean Up: Clean all equipment immediately after use with warm, soapy water.