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250W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light, A Series, 120° - AC100-277V - 5000K, Non-Dimmable - 35000LM

250W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light, A Series, 120° - AC100-277V - 5000K, Non-Dimmable - 35000LM

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LED Explosion-Proof Flood Light - 250W-120°, AC100-277V - 5000K, Non-Dimmable - 35000LM

The LED Explosion-Proof Flood Light is a high-quality lighting solution designed for hazardous environments where safety is paramount. With its powerful illumination, wide beam angle, and durable construction, this flood light ensures optimal visibility and security in areas such as industrial facilities, chemical plants, refineries, and more.

Featuring a wattage of 250W and a broad beam angle of 120 degrees, this flood light provides ample coverage, effectively illuminating large areas. It operates on a wide voltage range from AC100V to AC277V, allowing for versatile installation options. The color temperature of 5000K produces a bright, crisp white light that enhances visibility and reduces eye strain, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

With a non-dimmable design, this LED flood light offers consistent and reliable lighting performance without any flickering or fluctuation. Its explosion-proof rating ensures that it can safely operate in hazardous environments where flammable gases, vapors, or dust particles may be present, providing peace of mind in terms of safety and compliance.

The impressive lumen output of 35,000LM ensures exceptional brightness, effectively illuminating even the darkest corners. This flood light utilizes energy-efficient LED technology, consuming significantly less power compared to traditional lighting sources, resulting in reduced energy costs and a lower carbon footprint.

Product Benefits:

  1. Safety and Reliability: Designed with an explosion-proof rating, this flood light is built to withstand hazardous conditions, ensuring the safety of both personnel and equipment in volatile environments.

  2. High-Intensity Illumination: The 250W LED flood light delivers an impressive lumen output of 35,000LM, providing bright and uniform lighting coverage over a wide area, enhancing visibility and minimizing shadows.

  3. Wide Beam Angle: With a 120-degree beam angle, this flood light offers a broad distribution of light, effectively illuminating a larger surface area, making it suitable for industrial applications where wide coverage is required.

  4. Energy-Efficiency: Utilizing energy-efficient LED technology, this flood light consumes significantly less power compared to traditional lighting options, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

  5. Long Lifespan: The LED technology used in this flood light ensures a long operational lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing the need for frequent bulb replacements.

  6. Versatile Voltage Compatibility: Operating on a wide voltage range from AC100V to AC277V, this flood light can be easily integrated into various electrical systems, providing flexibility in installation.

  7. Suitable for Various Applications: The robust construction and hazardous area certification make this flood light suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including chemical plants, oil refineries, mining operations, warehouses, and more.

  8. Instant On/Off: The LED flood light provides instant illumination without any warm-up time, allowing for immediate visibility when needed and eliminating delays or downtime.

  9. Environmentally Friendly: The LED technology used in this flood light is mercury-free and emits minimal heat and UV radiation, making it a more environmentally friendly lighting option.