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Outdoor Odor Eliminator - 5 Gallon Pail

Outdoor Odor Eliminator - 5 Gallon Pail

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The Best Outdoor Odor Eliminator You Will Ever Use. Guaranteed Or Your Money Back. 

EcoStrong's Outdoor Odor Eliminator, with Lemon Eucalyptus scent, is an all-natural solution that eliminates unpleasant outdoor odors. Permanently erase urine, stool, vomit, skunk, or even garbage odors from your outdoor spaces. Safe for use on virtually all outdoor surfaces; rock, dirt, grass, fences, furniture, concrete, wooden decks, and more. When you’ve tried everything else, and nothing has worked, EcoStrong’s Outdoor Odor eliminator will get the job done or your money back. Please follow directions for optimal results. 

👃Powerful All-Natural Odor Eraser:

Our Chemical-free formula is a Pet Poop & Pee Smell Destroyer. Not even skunk spray can stand up to EcoStrong’s bioactive potency. Spray it on any outdoor surface, and odors will quickly and permanently disappear.

🐾 Paw & Barefoot SAFE: 

Our professional strength bio-enzymatic solution erases offensive odors and will not leave behind irritating and inflammatory residue. This product does not contain any harmful enzymes.

🧰 Multi-Purpose: 

No job is too big or small for this solution; whether you have an apartment patio with no yard hose access (use EcoStrong Outdoor Odor Eliminator Spot Treat) or a large yard, we have you covered.

⏱ Long-Lasting: 

Thanks to our super-concentrated formulationone treatment, when used as directed, can last several weeks. 

🏆 Satisfaction Guaranteed: 

We guarantee the effectiveness of our Outdoor Odor Eliminator with a 100% money-back guarantee. We don’t mask foul animal organic scents; we destroy them at the source with powerful bioactive efficiency. Try it risk-free and experience the EcoStrong difference today.

🧪 Ingredients:

Water, bio-surfactants, natural bacteria, odor counteractant, lemon, eucalyptus scent

📃 How to use 

Directions For Use:
  • Shake Vigorously before every use.
  • Do not use other chemicals with this product.
  • For best results apply in the evening.
  • Avoid applying in direct sunlight. Sunlight will dry the applied area quickly and for best results we want the treated area to stay wet for as long as possible.
Dilution Directions for Hose End Sprayers:
  1. Pour EcoStrong Outdoor Eliminator into the detergent/product reservoir.
  2. Set dilution to 8 oz per gallon and follow directions for sprayer.
        Dilution Directions for Pump Type & Manual Sprayers:
  1. Use 1 part EcoStrong Outdoor Odor Eliminator with 8 parts water.
  2. Remove all organic waste. Over spraying stool will not be effective.
  3. Thoroughly saturate the affected area with diluted product.
(For Best Results) After first application, lightly over spray the area with water before it is dry. The long

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How much do I need to use?
A: It depends on the surface you are treating and how much use the area gets. For example, grass needs more treatment applied as compared to rock. If you have one little dog, you will need less treatment as compared to two big dogs. Use enough to thoroughly saturate the desired area. One gallon can treat up to 2,000 square feet.

Q: How long does it last for?
A: Odor relief will last anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks, depending on how often and how many animals are using the area.

Q: Why should I not use the treatment during the day?
A: The product is so effective because it contains large amounts of biology that eat nasty odors. The longer they stay wet or damp, the more they multiply and the more they eliminate odors. Sun shine dries the area too quickly.

Q: Will this harm my pets and plants?
A: No, it is all natural and safe for people, pets and plants

Q: Will it prevent my pet from urinating where I apply treatment?
A: No, it will not prevent pets from urinating in treated areas

Q: Do you need to wet down the area thoroughly prior to using the enzyme for it to work properly?
A: No, applying a bit of water helps keep everything moist longer but it will work even without this step. We do recommend it however.

🥰 Why Buy From Us: 

  • We offer a 60 days money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your order
  • Buying from us supports American innovation, manufacturing and jobs
  • We are a small family owned and operated business working with other local small businesses
  • Everything we make is eco friendly, not-toxic and safe for people, pets and the planet
  • We have live customer support if you need anything from us
  • We offer free shipping on all orders over $39 anywhere in the US

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