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Tuf Top Water Repellent Silicone Acrylic Water Repellent Concrete Stain

Silicone Acrylic Water Repellent Concrete Stain

Tuf Top
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Tuf-Top Silicone Acrylic Water Repellent Sealer is a very durable , deep penetrating, solvent-based water repellent sealer for use on concrete driveways, garages, walkways, pool decks, patios, vertical and split face block, masonry walls, and any concrete surface that needs protection and beautification. The very unique formulation of Tuf-Top Silicone / Acrylic Sealer allows for deep penetration into concrete to give very long lasting color and protection. Old, stained, unsightly are easily transformed into very attractive areas with Tuf-Top Sealer to be resistant to ultraviolet rays, oil, grease,driving rains, and hot tire pick-up. Because of it's water repellent qualities it will also prevent spalling /cracking as well as inhibiting mold and mildew growth.